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How to use decorations to make your small kitchen look larger

Many people cherish their kitchen because it is the place where all the members of the family gather around for a homely meal and share the stories of the day. Whether you live in a small apartment, or your house has a petite area designated for cooking, home décor is an important tool that can give the illusion of a larger space where you can move with ease.

As you may know bold colors can change the aspect of your room tremendously, but when it comes to tiny kitchens keep in mind that white is your best friend. From walls, countertops, cabinets, table to chairs, it is essential that you choose everything from the same color family with different textures so that the contrast between your furniture pieces is lower.

Due to the fact that cluster can make homes appear smaller than they actually are, you should pick glass for your cabinets doors because this will make your walls look farther away and the room less crowded. You can accentuate your open shelves with colored glassware, retro decorations or rustic pots that will offer a homely atmosphere yet polished to your lovely area.

Light is a fantastic trick that can give the impression of wider and brighter cuisine if you mix different lighting elements in a great way. Make sure you place lights under the cabinets which will aid you when you cook or charming pendant ones for a unique ambiance while you serve your meals at an island or your fancy table.

For the best results, select decorations that use as little space as possible and have designs with clean lines such as sleek chairs, narrow shelves or elongated flower vases. Remember that you should display simple items that utilize the vertical space and which blend in with the rest of the furniture. Make certain you explore the numerous options you have and make your kitchen roomier with fashionable decorations!